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Ben Perini

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Toms River, NJ 08757

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Ben Perini – illustrator, designer, artist . . . Professional Dreamer
Drawing and creating art as young child dreamer, and till this very day.
In my toolbox: graphite pencils, series 7 brushes, charcoal pencils, kneaded erasers, watercolors, gouache, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator. And crayons – of course.
A professional can make your creative dreams come true.
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Clients include: Penguin Random House • St. Martin's Press • Cosmopolitan Magazine • HarperCollins Publishing • Kensington Publishing • Pocket Books • Smithsonian Magazine • Grand Central Publishing • Simon & Schuster • Avon Books • Cosmopolitan • Penthouse • Digitas • Foote, Cone, Belding. SF • FCB Healthcare • Ballantine Books • Price McNabb • Rosenthal Advertising • Barber Martin Advertising • The Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Ar • University of North Carolina School of t • TimeWarner
  • Ben Perini - Agriculture, Animals, Books, Children's Book, Editorial, Food, Landscape, Nature, Painterly, Realistic, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Books, Conceptual, Editorial, Marine, Narrative, Nautical, Painterly, Stylized, Traditional, Travel, Travel/Transportation, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Books, Concept Art, Digital, Editorial, Environmental, Marine, Mixed Media, Mystery, Mythology, Narrative, Stylized, Wildlife
  • Ben Perini - Conceptual, Editorial, Environmental, Gouache, Patriotism, Politics, Satirical, Traditional, Watercolor, Wildlife
  • Ben Perini - Animals, Books, Botanical, Children's Book, Decorative, Editorial, Gift/Stationery, Impressionistic, Mythology, Nature, Packaging, Painterly, Products, Spiritual, Stylized, Symbolic, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Architecture, Books, Children's Book, Cityscape, Editorial, Stylized, Traditional, Travel, Travel/Transportation, Vacation, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Animals, Books, Conceptual, Digital, Editorial, Gouache, Painterly, People, Portrait, Surrealistic, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Black & White, Books, Charcoal, Crime, Editorial, Fine Art, Mystery, People, Portraiture, Psychology, Realistic
  • Ben Perini - Books, Botanical, Concept Art, Digital, Editorial, Fantasy, Figurative, Mystery, Painterly, Portrait, Portraiture, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Americana, Animals, Books, Botanical, Children, Editorial, Fine Art, Health, Historical, Stylized, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Agriculture, Botanical, Conceptual, Decorative, Editorial, Environmental, Gouache, Landscape, Painterly, Sci-Fi, Symbolic, Traditional
  • Ben Perini - Atmospheric, Books, Botanical, Editorial, Landscape, Nature, Painterly, Realistic, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Animals, Concept Art, Conceptual, Editorial, Holiday, Mixed Media, Packaging, Painterly, Traditional, Watercolor, Wildlife
  • Ben Perini - Animals, Conceptual, Digital, Editorial, Gouache, Painterly, Patriotism, Portrait, Realistic, Symbolic, Watercolor, Wildlife
  • Ben Perini - Atmospheric, Conceptual, Design, Fantasy, Gift/Stationery, Mythology, Nautical, Painterly, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Surrealistic, Symbolic, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Animals, Editorial, Mythology, Nature, Painterly, Politics, Portrait, Psychology, Realistic, Religion, Watercolor, Wildlife
  • Ben Perini - Acrylic, Concept Art, Editorial, Mixed Media, Mystery/Suspense, Sci-Fi, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Books, Conceptual, Editorial, Education, Mythology, Narrative, Painterly, Relationships, Sci-Fi, Spiritual, Surrealistic, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Books, Botanical, Children's Book, Corporate, Decorative, Editorial, Folk Art, Impressionistic, Landscape, Nature, Painterly, Spiritual, Travel, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Beauty, Design, Editorial, Entertainment, Exercise, Fashion/Beauty, Glamour, Nude, People, Romance, Sex, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Advertising, Brush and Ink, Editorial, Education, Figurative, Ink, Lifestyle, Mixed Media, People, Recreation, Sports/Recreation, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Communication, Conceptual, Editorial, Global, Gouache, Lettering, Patriotism, Politics, Poster, Religion, Type Design, Watercolor
  • Ben Perini - Anthropomorphic, Books, Charcoal, Conceptual, Crime, Editorial, Narrative, Painterly, Realistic, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Wildlife
  • Ben Perini - Acrylic, Concept Art, Editorial, Fashion, Figurative, Gouache, Ink, Lifestyle, People, Portraiture, Realistic
  • Ben Perini - 3D Traditional, Biology, Conceptual, Digital, Editorial, Historical, Painterly, Primitive, Science, Watercolor, Wildlife
  • Ben Perini - Concept Art, Editorial, Education, Gouache, Historical, Ink, Literature, Men, Painterly, People, Portrait, Traditional
  • Ben Perini - Corporate, Editorial, Ethnic, Family, Gouache, Investment, Painterly, People, Portraiture, Psychology, Realistic, Traditional
  • Ben Perini - Black & White, Brush and Ink, Conceptual, Crime, Editorial, Entertainment, Ink, Mystery, People, Realistic, Terrorism, War
  • Ben Perini - Charcoal, Conceptual, Editorial, Fantasy, People, Portraiture, Psychology, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Spiritual, Traditional
  • Ben Perini - Charcoal, Editorial, Entertainment, Line, Music, People, Portrait, Portraiture, Realistic, Traditional