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Joey Guidone was born in 1985 at the foot of Italian Alps, where he currently live and work. Since 2014 he has been working as a freelance illustrator. He studied illustration at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin and Mimaster in Milan. He was selected by the NY Society of Illustrators for Illustrators 57 and Illustrators 59 and included in the winner’s list of CQ42,CQ43,CQ46 of the Creative Quarterly Journal competition. He got a Mention Award at the 3X3 Show No.13

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Clients include: Vanity Fair Italy • La Repubblica • ESPN • The Boston Globe • UCLA • Investment Advisor • Hopkins Bloomberg School • Caltech • Feltrinelli • Variety • Modus magazine • FAO/IAEA • Johns Hopkins University • Kiplinger • East Bay Times • Four Seasons • Research • Entrepreneur • ByFaith • Family Circle • Texas Monthly • Svenks Bokhandel • Discovers • Medical Science (Sweden) • Money magazine • Modern Filosofi • Emergency NGO • KVT Finland • Modern Psikology
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