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Lou Brooks

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Lou Brooks

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P.O. Box 753
Redwood Valley, California 95470

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Artist/writer Lou Brooks is probably best known over the last few decades for his dazzling covers of Time Magazine and Newsweek, as well as being a major contributor to Playboy, Penthouse, Rolling Stone, People, and the New York Times, to name a few. His work has ben animated for MTV, Nickelodeon, and HBO, and Parker Brothers commissioned him to design a special edition of Monopoly for the game's 50th anniversary. His art for the Monopoly logo is used throughout the world to this day. His latest book, "Skate Crazy," is available in all major bookstores, as well as on Amazon.com.

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Clients include: Sony • Atlantic Records • Cinemax • RCA • MTV • Milton Bradley • Coca-Cola • Pepsi-Cola • Nikon • Kodak • AT&T • Exxon • IBM • Budweiser • Burger King • Pizza Hut • Clairol • Nestle • Time Magazine • Newsweek • Time Europe • Vanity Fair • Sports illustrated • Adweek • Money • Fortune • Ladies' Home Journal • Entertainment Weekly • The New Yorker • and well, just about everybody else.