James Fryer
James Fryer

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James has been producing stock images for 20 years now. This experience has been put to good use. His clever, thought-provoking illustrations have been used in most areas of the graphic design world, including editorial, publishing, advertising and design. James's illustrations are hand-painted but also manipulated digitally when needed. His concepts are always original, different, visually stimulating and very effective. Clients are drawn towards James's work not only for the colourful, atmospheric, painterly qualities of the artworks, but also for the innovative concepts within each illustration. Idea and rendering are given joint significance in all of James's work. With approximately 200 images in the collection there's sure to be something that will jump out and grab you.

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Clients include: The Pohly Company • RFID Journal • Poetica Design • Executive Highlights • JP Morgan Private Bank • Penton Media • 1105 Media • LCP • Source Media • Directorship • Infoworld Magazine • Buck Consultants • PRSA Tactics • Contingent Workforce Strategies • Wolters Kluwer • Maybelline • Associations Now • Barbara Scheer graphic design • Woodrow wilson Int'l Ctr For Scholars • UCS EPA Scorecard • Dallas Morning News • CFO • AARP Bulletin • Bulletin CFC • W.H. Freeman & Worth publishers


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  • James Fryer - Home, House, Houses, Keyhole, Lock, Protection, Protectionism, Safe, Security, Thief
  • James Fryer - Broken, Confusion, Damage, Deception, Ignorance, Inadequate, Inefficiency, Miscommunication, Misfit, Missing, Misunderstand, Oversight, Problem, Puzzle, Quality Control
  • James Fryer - Alzheimer's, Battle, Broken, Climb, Condition, Confusion, Conquer, Depression, Fight, Illness, Memory, Mental Health, Missing, Steps, Understanding
  • James Fryer - Breakup, Brexit, Broken, Identity, Identity Crisis, Illegal, Immigrant, Immigration, Impostor, Inclusion, Inequality, Instability, Outside, Prejudice, Tolerance
  • James Fryer - Balloon, Bond, Flying, Friendship, Happiness, Happy, Help, Helping, Joy, Soaring, Social Media, Social Network, Teamwork, Togetherness, Uplift
  • James Fryer - Communication, Corruption, Fable, Fabricate, Fake News, False, Ignorance, Illusion, Mystery, News, Speak, Speech, Talk, True, Trust
  • James Fryer - Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Cloning, DNA, Ethics, Experiment, Exposure, Gene Splicing, Genetically Modified, Genetics, Science, Science Fiction, Scientist, Test, Test Tube
  • James Fryer - Apple, Care, Complexity, Crisis, Disagreement, Disarray, Health, Health Costs, Health Manage, Healthcare, Medicare, Mismanage, Problem, Puzzle, Uncertainty
  • James Fryer - Backup, Catch, Dollar, Dollar Symbol, Fall, Falling, Finance, Financial, Help, Helping, Net, Safe, Safeguard, Safety, Security
  • James Fryer - Educated, Education, Engage, Enlightenment, Excitement, Exhilaration, Explore, Exposure, Knowledge, Learning, Look, Opportunity, Teacher, Tuition, University
  • James Fryer - Explore, Galaxy, Ideas, Illuminate, Imagination, Light Bulb, Night, Quest, Space, Space Exploration, Star, Stargaze, Stars, Thinking, Universe
  • James Fryer - Advancement, Energy, Gains, Global, Goal, Nuclear Power, Physics, Power, Quest, Race, Responsibility, Revolution, Science, Uncertainty, Understanding
  • James Fryer - Binoculars, Buildings, Business, Business People, Competition, Curiosity, Examine, Look, Observation, Outlook, Spectator, Survey, View, Viewpoint, Watch
  • James Fryer - Bridge, Communication, Connection, Connectivity, Email, Link, Message, Network, Networking, Social Media, Social Network, Socialize, Talk, Text, Texting
  • James Fryer - Blind, Chase, Cliff, Crisis, Economy, Fall, Falling, Finance, Financial, Greed, Money, Money Machine, Money Management, Panic, Recession
  • James Fryer - Attraction, Carrot, Find, Gains, Gift, Incentive, Look, Offer, Present, Prize, Profit, Reward, Search, Spotlight, Torch
  • James Fryer - Biology, Chemistry, Discovery, Experiment, Ideas, Imagination, Learning, Look, Physics, Quest, Research, Science, Scientist, Test, Test Tube
  • James Fryer - Banking, Caution, Cutbacks, Dollar, Dollar Symbol, Finance, Finances, Financial, Financial Planner, Money, Money Machine, Money Management, Recession, Reduce, Safeguard
  • James Fryer - Business, Company, Giant, Global, Holding, Inequality, Internet, Money Machine, Pulling, Reduce, Restraint, Restriction, Size, Stop, Tethered
  • James Fryer - Communication, Dialogue, Empowerment, Engage, Leader, Leadership, Reach, Shout, Speak, Speaker, Talk, Vision, Visionary, Voice, Volume
  • James Fryer - Death, Fate, Focus, Forward, Funeral, Growth, Life, Life Path, Loneliness, Losses, Moving, Sad, Sadness, Time, Tree
  • James Fryer - Build, Building, Building block, Coin, Construction, Finance, Financial, Manufacture, Money, Money Machine, Money Management, Production, Restructure, Transform, Transition
  • James Fryer - Balloon, Celebration, Co-workers, Connection, Employee, Employer, Employment, Job, Job Market, Joining, New, Recruit, Welcome, Work, Worker
  • James Fryer - Attack, Battle, Business People, Defense, Exercise, Fight, Karate, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Prepare, Team, Teamwork, Togetherness, Train, Training
  • James Fryer - Apple, Collaboration, Communication, Gains, Goals, Imagination, Merger, Merging, Reap, Reward, Togetherness, Tolerance, Tree, Trees, Understanding
  • James Fryer - Arbitration, Danger, Diplomacy, Hazard, Heat, Lower, Problem, Push, Reduce, Resolution, Rising, Risk, Temperature, Thermometer, Volatile
  • James Fryer - Books, Doctor, Doctors, Ethics, Health, Health Manage, Healthcare, Knowledge, Law, Lawyer, Learning, Medical, Medicine, Nurse, Nursing
  • James Fryer - Cure, Cut, Danger, Determination, Imagination, Lawnmower, Prevention, Remedy, Resilience, Resolution, Safe, Safeguard, Safety, Solution, Thorns
  • James Fryer - Achievement, Aid, Assistance, Hand, Help, Helping, Performance, Progress, Rise, Service, Steps, Strength, Strong, Support, Uplift
  • James Fryer - Apple, Distribution, Divide, Equality, Fruit, Generosity, Giving, Good, Health, Health Costs, Health Manage, Healthcare, Medicine, Share, Sharing
  • James Fryer - Approval, Biology, Drug, Examination, Examine, Healing, Health, Health Costs, Health Manage, Healthcare, Medication, Medicine, Microscope, Scrutinize, Test
  • James Fryer - Checkup, Clean Energy, Energy, Evaluation, Examination, Examine, Look, Nuclear Power, Power, Safe, Safeguard, Safety, Scrutinize, Station, Test
  • James Fryer - Court, Defense, Fight, Guilt, Hammer, Innocence, Judge, Judgment, Law, Lawyer, Prison, Protest, Stop, Strength, Strong
  • James Fryer - Ability, Communication, Flame, Forward, Guidance, Guide, Imagination, Leader, Leadership, Learning, Light, Opportunity, Teacher, Train, Training
  • James Fryer - Balance, Balancing Act, Different, Divide, Gap, Global, Imbalance, Inequality, Money, Money Bags, Money Management, Poor, Poverty, Rich, Unhealthy
  • James Fryer - Aim, Blueprint, Create, Design, Designing, Drawing, Drawing Board, Goals, Ideas, Policy, Precision, Prepare, Process, Strategy, Target
  • James Fryer - Aid, Assistance, Bridge, Crisis, Danger, Hand, Help, Helping, Leader, Leadership, Manage, Management, Objective, Safeguard, Safety
  • James Fryer - Age, Aging, Brain, Disease, Elderly, Memory, Mental Disorder, Mental Health, Mind, Thoughts
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  • James Fryer - Collaboration, Communication, Growth, Harmony, Joining, Network, Networking, Reach, Strength, Strong, Team, Teamwork, Togetherness, Tolerance, Union
  • James Fryer - Advice, Bubble, Communication, Dialogue, Express, Expression, Information, Message, Reveal, Shadow, Speak, Speaker, Speech, Talk, Voice
  • James Fryer - Ban, Deport, Discrimination, Ignorance, Illegal, Immigrant, Immigration, Inclusion, Inequality, People, Policy, Population, Prejudice, Refugee, Rejection
  • James Fryer - Book, Books, Climb, Educated, Education, Intellectual, Knowledge, Ladder, Leadership, Learning, Lesson, Opportunity, Progress, School, Uplift
  • James Fryer - Bond, Climb, Collaboration, Handshake, Harmony, Ladder, Match, Merger, Merging, Partnership, Positive, Progress, Togetherness, Understanding, Union
  • James Fryer - Balloon, Business, Communication, Global, Language, Speak, Speaker, Speech, Talk, Worldwide
  • James Fryer - Expensive, Fees, Income, Money, Money Machine, Money Management, Pay Equity, Paycheck, Payment, Salary
  • James Fryer - Balance, Balancing Act, Equality, Imbalance, Inequality, Poor, Red Carpet, Rich, Unfair, Unstable
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  • James Fryer - Bravery, Confidence, Courage, Fearless, Independence, Leadership, Reward, Risk, Vision, Visionary
  • James Fryer - Bird, Birds, Bully, Chase, Fake News, Hunting, News, Newspaper, Pen, Predator, Publish, Scrutinize, Vulture, Writer, Writing
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  • James Fryer - Bar, Crime, Criminal, Diet, Dieter, Eat, Eating, Food, Food Chain, Food Groups, Fork, Obesity, Overweight, Prison, Prisoner
  • James Fryer - Break, Broken, Concrete, Corruption, Crack, Crumble, Deception, Ethics, False, Hands, Handshake, Liar, Miscommunication, Transparency, Trust