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Doug Chayka

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702 Magnolia Street
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I began my freelance career in Kansas City in the late '90's, landing my first editorial assignments at the Kansas City Star while also working on my first picture book projects and studying with one of my first influences, Mark English. A few years later I began to travel extensively in Europe and eventually stayed in Berlin, where I studied painting and printmaking as a Fulbright scholar at The Berlin University of the Arts from 2000-2002. I've worked for many different clients over the years and have also taught illustration at Savannah College of Design, Ringling College of Art and Design, Pratt Institute, and The Illustration Academy.

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Clients include: The Nation • The New York Times • The Boston Globe • Scientific American • Harvard Business Review • Earth Island Journal • The Progressive • IBM • Southern Poverty Law Center • EPP Magazine • American Medical Journal • Criminal Justice Magazine • Cricket Magazine • Lee and Low Books • Clarion Books • Fayard Publishing • Houghton Mifflin • Boyds Mills Press • Eerdmans Books • South Carolina Broadcasters
  • Doug Chayka - Advertising, Assemblage, Cityscape, Collage, Cut Paper, Editorial, Graphic, Multicultural, Photo Illustration, Politics, Urban
  • Doug Chayka - Assemblage, Collage, Conceptual, Crime, Editorial, Graphic, Historical, Mixed Media, Politics, War
  • Doug Chayka - Advertising, Collage, Conceptual, Corporate, Design, Editorial, Lifestyle, Photo Illustration, Photo Realism, Politics
  • Doug Chayka - Advertising, Collage, Conceptual, Financial, Graphic, Investing, Law, Money, Photo Illustration, Photo Realism, Politics
  • Doug Chayka - Bio-Medical, Collage, Conceptual, Editorial, Graphic, Health, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Photo Illustration, Photo Realism, Science
  • Doug Chayka - Collage, Conceptual, Crime, Cut Paper, Editorial, Graphic, Health, Portrait, Silhouette, Substance Abuse, Women
  • Doug Chayka - Assemblage, Collage, Conceptual, Crime, Digital, Editorial, Graphic, Law, Mixed Media, Money, Poster
  • Doug Chayka - Advertising, Books, Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Editorial, Education, Media, Photo Realism
  • Doug Chayka - Architecture, Cityscape, Collage, Cut Paper, Design, Mixed Media, Montage, Torn Paper, Travel/Transportation, Urban
  • Doug Chayka - Assemblage, Cityscape, Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Editorial, Graphic, Lifestyle, Travel, Travel/Transportation, Urban
  • Doug Chayka - Business, Collage, Computers, Conceptual, Digital, Editorial, Education, Graphic, Internet, Mixed Media, Science/Technology, Technology
  • Doug Chayka - Collage, Computers, Digital, Editorial, Graphic, Historical, Humor, Internet, Photo Realism, Satirical
  • Doug Chayka - Assemblage, Automotive, Cityscape, Collage, Conceptual, Editorial, Graphic, Industrial, Mixed Media, Transportation, Travel/Transportation
  • Doug Chayka - Collage, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Editorial, Financial, Graphic, Law, Photo Illustration, Politics, War
  • Doug Chayka - Collage, Computers, Conceptual, Design, Editorial, Internet, Science/Technology, Technology
  • Doug Chayka - Business, Collage, Conceptual, Corporate, Environmental, Graphic, Health, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Politics
  • Doug Chayka - Business, Conceptual, Editorial, Financial, Graphic, Landscape, Mixed Media, Money, Multicultural, Travel
  • Doug Chayka - Advertising, Business, Collage, Communication, Conceptual, Design, Editorial, Graphic, Landscape, Media
  • Doug Chayka - Communication, Conceptual, Digital, Editorial, Graphic, Health, Lifestyle, Psychology, Science, Science/Technology, Technology
  • Doug Chayka - Business, Conceptual, Corporate, Digital, Editorial, Education, Graphic, Media, Psychology
  • Doug Chayka - Agriculture, Assemblage, Collage, Conceptual, Corporate, Environmental, Industrial, Landscape, Mixed Media, Technology, Urban
  • Doug Chayka - Aerial, Conceptual, Digital, Environmental, Global, Industrial, Maps, Maps/Charts, Mixed Media, Science, Science/Technology, Technology
  • Doug Chayka - Business, Collage, Communication, Conceptual, Corporate, Editorial, Global, Graphic, Multicultural, Photo Illustration, Technology
  • Doug Chayka - Communication, Computer/Digital, Computers, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Editorial, Graphic, Internet, Politics, Technology
  • Doug Chayka - Animals, Conceptual, Construction, Editorial, Environmental, Global, Maps, Mixed Media, Transportation, Wildlife
  • Doug Chayka - Chemistry, Conceptual, Diagram, Digital, Editorial, Environmental, Global, Growth, Maps/Charts, Pharmaceutical, Technology
  • Doug Chayka - Advertising, Business, Conceptual, Corporate, Digital, Editorial, Executives, Leadership, Photo Illustration, Politics, Spiritual
  • Doug Chayka - Conceptual, Corporate, Design, Digital, Editorial, Financial, Investing, Investment, Lifestyle, Money, Photo Realism
  • Doug Chayka - Black & White, Conceptual, Editorial, Military, Mixed Media, Realistic, Sports, Terrorism, Travel, Travel/Transportation, War
  • Doug Chayka - Americana, Business, Conceptual, Cultural, Digital, Editorial, Education, Historical, Law, Politics, Religion, Symbols
  • Doug Chayka - Books, Decorative, Editorial, Literature, Paper Sculpture, Relationships, Romance, Textured, Wedding, Women
  • Doug Chayka - Advertising, Americana, Decorative, Digital, Embroidered, Lettering, Music, Pop Culture, Poster, Products, Self-Promotion
  • Doug Chayka - Americana, Books, Collage, Conceptual, Historical, Law, Money, People, Politics, Portraiture
  • Doug Chayka - Assemblage, Collage, Conceptual, Crime, Editorial, Historical, Military, Mixed Media, Politics, Retro, Terrorism, War
  • Doug Chayka - Collage, Conceptual, Editorial, Environmental, Historical, Lettering, Maps, Maps/Charts, Mythology, Travel, Travel/Transportation