Sandra Dionisi
Sandra Dionisi

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My work has been commissioned by a wide range of publications in the US, Canada and Europe. I have provided images for clients in graphic design, book publishing and corporate communications. I have received recognition from such industry associations as American Illustration, Communication Arts, The Society of Illustrators, the Society of Publication Designers, The Art Directors Club of Toronto and the National Magazine Awards. In addition to my current creative assignments, I also teach in the Illustration program at Sheridan College and in the Faculty of Design at OCAD University.

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Clients include: Rolling Stone • The Atlantic Monthly • The Village Voice • Time Magazine • Newsweek • Business Week • Wired • The Utne Reader • LA Times Magazine • Men’s Journal • Shape Magazine • Esquire • UUCLA Alumni Magazine • Spy Magazine • Harper’s • Brown University • Georgetown Law • Kiplinger’s • Fortune • Good Housekeeping • Health Magazine • Runner’s World Magazine • American Lawyer • The NY Times • Toronto Life • Maclean’s • Canadian Business • Saturday Night • Maclean’s • Money Magazine • The National Post • Chatelaine • Canadian Lawyer • Ladies Home Journal • Venture Publishing • Northeastern School of Law • University of Toronto Magazine • Profit Magazine • Money Sense


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