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March 13, 2017

Chris Gash’s illustration for The New York Times Sunday Styles section accompanied a piece on the anti-feel good self-help phenomenon. (more)

February 23, 2017

Chris Gash treads the globe carefully in this illustration for World Wildlife Fund magazine, designed by Pentagram, suggesting ways to reduce your ecological footprint when traveling. (more)

February 10, 2017

Chris Gash’s latest illustration for Gold Digest accompanies an article about how the green can play tricks on your eyes. (more)

February 2, 2017

Chris Gash illustrated a timely feature for Boston Magazine about Seasonal Affective Disorder. (more)

January 12, 2017

Chris Gash’s latest illustration for The New Yorker accompanied their review of The Founder,” a biopic about Ray Kroc, the shrewd mastermind who turned a burger joint into an international empire. (more)

January 9, 2017

Chris Gash’s graphic full page illustration for California Magazine (University of California) accompanied an article about the ongoing effects of wrongful incarceration.  (more)

January 4, 2017

College and university publications provide a welcoming canvas for some of the most creative assignments around.  From student life to alumni achievements, these pages provide fertile material for amazing illustrations.  Explore each of these featured University Publication illustrations in depth by clicking on the links below. (more)

December 20, 2016

Chis Gash’s illustration series accompanied a feature for Thrivent and Imagination Publishing about financial traps to avoid in the 2017.  (more)

December 13, 2016

Chris Gash shares a fresh crop of smart spot illustrations for Northwestern University, on a variety of topics. First, about how law enforcement coerces confessions from minors:  (more)

December 6, 2016

Chris Gash's fun illustration for The New York Times “Trilobite” Science feature helps introduce four new names to the Periodic Table of Elements: Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine and Oganesson. (more)