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October 5, 2017

Giulio Bonasera illustrated this lovely tribute to Tom Petty, choosing to celebrate his music rather than mourn his death. (more)

October 4, 2017

Giulio Bonasera illustrated this allegorical tribute to the late musician, Tom Petty. (more)

September 26, 2017

Giulio Bonasera’s latest illustration for Discoveries Magazine accompanied a feature on the importance of reducing sodium intake. (more)

September 19, 2017

Giulio Bonasera’s illustration for Santa Clara University Alumni Magazine accompanied a book review of “Choosing Our Religion - The Spiritual Lives of America’s Nones,” which notes the steady decline of traditional religion in favor of “just spiritual". (more)

September 12, 2017

Giulio Bonasera shares an unpublished series of animal-based conceptual illustrations, originally created for Tennis Magazine. The images were designed to accompany tips on how to step up your psychological game.  (more)

August 30, 2017

Giulio Bonasera’s illustration series for Indiana University Alumni Magazine uses punctuation to make a point about how words can divide, as well as unite, us. (more)

July 11, 2017

Richard Salzman’s illustrators have produced rich imagery appearing on a new resource for science fiction, sponsored by the XPrize Foundation and All Nippon Airways, called



June 26, 2017

Giulio Bonasera’s illustration takes on the important work of relaxation. "In a society that glorifies grinding, short-term gains and pushing to extremes, it takes guts to rest. It’s an active process in which physical and psychological growth occurs. To reap the benefits of stress, you need to rest." (more)

May 30, 2017

Giulio Bonasera’s illustration series for Die Zeit in Germany was developed using a variety of French voter remarks during their recent dramatic elections. “I voted blank in the first round and yesterday for Marine. I don’t know Macron. I don’t know who he is, I just heard about him in this election but it’s unclear what he stood for. Marine doesn't like immigrants, but I’m not an immigrant. I don't have anything to fear from her.” (more)