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May 22, 2018

James O'Brien's illustration for the New York Times Opinion page accompanied an editorial assessing the White House approach to heading off the ever-closer Russian investigation... (more)

May 21, 2018

Dan Bejar illustrated a couple of spring magazine covers, for Concord Academy and Foreign Affairs. (more)

May 18, 2018

Tom Richmond's mad-good portrait skills earned him the cover illustration for this week’s Commercial Observer... (more)

May 17, 2018

Mark Smith smartly covers this issue of Stanford Lawyer Magazine... (more)

May 17, 2018

Benedetto Cristofani's incendiary cover illustration for the French magazine Courrier International...

May 17, 2018

Cathy Hull illustrates Donald J Trump and Kim Jong-un, arguably the two least charismatic world leaders on Earth... (more)

May 16, 2018

Miriam Migliazzi & Mart Klein's latest cover illustrations for German newsmagazine Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche deal with issues such as the deadly ambitions of Syria's president Assad (as well as another, more brutally honest version that was not used...) (more)

May 15, 2018

Cathy Hull illustrates Jarvanka (Jared Kuchner & Ivanka Trump) the heirs apparent, as they reemerge from the shadows to make history in Israel... (more)

May 10, 2018

Patrick Welsh illustrated a deadpan-funny instructional series of maneuvres for the May/June issue of Politico, to accompany a feature titled, "The Puzzle of Sarah Huckabee Sanders." (more)

April 26, 2018

Ivan Canu’s arresting, design centric way with portraiture earned him the plum assignment of illustrating “The Story of Communism in 50 Portraits” for Centauria Publishing in Italy. (more)